Online Side bend & Twisting Yoga Workshop

Online Side bend & Twisting Yoga Workshop


Date : 8 to 12 October, 2021

Time : 7.30 to 8.30 PM

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In this 5 Days workshop, we will explore the facts of spinal rotation in our poses. Whether a beginner or working towards advanced postures- you can grow from where you are in your practice. Seated and reclined twists & sidebends are soothing to your soul, as well as your muscles and organs while standing/arm balancing twists require leg strength, balance and stamina. Benefits include improved digestive functions, stimulated circulation, spine mobility, distressing the mind and reducing low back soreness.


When our muscles and surrounding tissues near the spine become stiff over time, we experience decreased range of motion and in some cases, discomfort and injury. Using abdominal efforts in twists while bringing space between the vertebrae are beneficial to relieving low back pain. Twisting & sidebends can help to move stagnated impurities through your digestive tract from the compression, allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients to your digestive organs- a natural detox! Not only does it detox the physical body, twisting with a healthy spine in mind enables you to be more aware of the body- mind connection to renew and fine-tune the spirit.


Come & join this workshop & improve your yoga practice with Jaymit Mehta


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