Online Shoulder Opening & Upperback bend Workshop

Online Shoulder Opening & Upperback bend Workshop


Date :30th April to 05th May, 2021

time : 10:00 to 11:30 AM

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The upper back and shoulders tend to be the most ‘dead’ part of the body. Sitting for long hours, poor posture, and too much stress have a way of rounding the shoulders, collapsing the chest, and making the neck become tight and painful.

We very rarely (outside of specific practices like yoga, dance, or gymnastics), do anything in our daily lives to open up this part of our body, and over years it becomes rigid.


Why is it useful to have an open upper body?


We keep talking about posture and alignment, but that’s because even though it should be simple, people seem to resist making corrections until the problem becomes unbearable. So in the spirit of prevention before cure, opening up the chest and shoulders can help to maintain good alignment, and reduce some of the unnecessary tension which inevitably leads to long term pain.

Chronic pain

Many people suffer with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for years, feeling like it is just a part of life, not realising that with just a few simple exercises they can begin to relieve many of these problems. After a short while of persistent practice it’s possible to undo years of bad habits.


Tight or collapsed chest also tends to make it difficult to create enough space to fill the lungs properly. Working on the upper back loosens the muscles around the ribs, and helps to be able to take deeper longer breaths. This in turn starts to calm the mind.


People tend to store emotions in their chest, so stretching and opening this area is particularly good for releasing sadness, grief, and fear. The more you expand your sternum, and release your upper body, the more blood, and oxygen can circulate leaving you feeling mentally and physically invigorated.

In this workshop we will practice beginner poses to intense practice related to shoulder joint & upper back flexibility. we will use of some props like dupatta or yoga belt, using the wall, block & chair for better alignment & intense practice. in this workshop we are covering Chakrasana & variations, Salabhasana, kapotasana & variation, bhujangasana & variation etc.

In this session we will start session from simple full body warm up & sun salutations, then we will practice some shoulder opening & upperback bend stretching yoga poses. Then at the end of the session through final relaxation & prayer we will completing the session. Everyone can ask their practice doubts after the session.

every class different types of techniques & pose will be introduce, limited seats only, book early to secure your spots.

this will be an interactive workshop via zoom video-conferencing platform, and participants will have the opportunity to ask your questions. For registration or more details dm or call me on 9998292865

See you in the session


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