Online Handstand Workshop

Online Handstand Workshop


Date : 20 to 25 May, 2022

Time : 10 to 11 AM & 7.15 to 8.15 PM

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*Handstand Workshop*

My Beginner’s Handstand Workshops are designed for handstand novices as well as those who are at the early stages of their handstand journey.

During our five days together, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to dive in headfirst to your handstand. I make it my personal mission to get you at ease upside down and psyched to keep developing your practice.

Together we will:

– Master balancing techniques and drills,
– Learn correct handstand alignment technique and balancing strategies
– Explore kicking up and jumping into a handstand
– Try handstands against the wall, spotted handstands and freestanding handstands
– Stretching and mobility for handstands; particularly for shoulder, wrist and hip mobility as well as muscle soreness

I know that there is a lot that goes into mastering the art of handstands. It isn’t something that happens overnight.

You will learn how to:

– Balance without a wall
– Use correct hand balancing techniques to speed up your progression
– Align your body correctly to improve balance and – minimise the risk of injuries
– Enter a handstand correctly
Spot handstands safely
– Bail out of a handstand without risk
– Improve the consistency of your handstand entries
– Increase your mobility and flexibility
– Perform other handstand related skills


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